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 |  Munich|  109 m²

ELVAL COLOUR offers aluminum products with special functional coatings that can be tinted to any color. At the BAU in Munich, a booth was specifically designed to demonstrate the different possibilities of using the ETALBOND product for facades.

In addition to its well-known portfolio, ELVAL COLOUR also presented a new material that is a rarity in the industry: an aluminum sandwich panel with a certified A2 fire rating, i.e., “non-flammable”. The outer façade of ELVAL COLOUR’s own booth was made exclusively of this new material to demonstrate its versatility. The angular design resulted from the cooperation between the designers and the planners who had to find solutions that were both feasible and affordable. The fact that. ETALBOND A2 weighs almost twice as much as the standard ETALBOND materials added a complication that had to be accounted for in the engineering and safety protocols..

The inner facade of the exhibition stand was clad with shimmering mother-of-pearl panels and offered a strong contrast to the blue-green outer surface with the pointed pyramids. The “Castle”, as stand was affectionately called during the development period, was primarily designed to show building planners and architects that ETALBOND is a versatile material with which they can build the castles of their dreams.

The visitor to ELVAL COLOUR’s booth could gain information from a variety of sources: informational graphics, sample boards, and films running on multiple large screen monitors offered technical information about the physical materials involved as well as installation options and possibilities.

Another important quality of ETALBOND is its sustainability. The material is aluminium, a 100% recyclable material that both has a long service life and can be reused. Additionally, ELVAL COLOUR strives to keep the ecological footprint of production as small as possible and relies on environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

By using ETALBOND, companies not only implement innovative and attractive facade designs, but also contribute to environmental protection.

Certified as a “Sustainable Company”

Perhaps that is also the reason why Heilmaier Messedesign and ELVAL COLOUR have maintained such a lasting relationship. Heilmaier Messedesign is also certified as a sustainable company and attaches great importance to ecological and social responsibility. In the selection of materials and the production of its exhibition stands, it relies on environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Using the example of ELVAL COLOUR, at least 70% of each build can be, and is, reused. Thus, the sustainability of ETALBOND complements the sustainable efforts of Heilmaier Messedesign in creating an environmentally friendly and future-oriented tradeshow experience.

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