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Digital product production

  • Digital product production

    The presentation of your company and your products at the exhibition stand has established itself as a permanent platform over the last few decades. The fair developed into one of the most important economic factors.

    If a live appearance is not possible, you can still stay in contact with your customers and offer digital alternatives. You can also integrate these digital forms of presentation into your on-site events.

    Offer your customers and interested parties a virtual exhibition stand for your range of services. Whether as a digital extension of your real trade fair offer or as a virtual alternative, you can reach more people.

Interactive media wall

The digital product presentation was integrated here at the exhibition stand. An interactive media wall that can be activated by gesture control enabled an exciting lecture at the booth, which quickly brought the functionality of the software closer. The content for this digital product presentation is staged virtually and can be displayed on different platforms. It is also possible to adapt the digital presentation to mobile devices.

Use the digital product presentation options for your virtual appearance and integrate them into your on-site events.

Example from a live exhibition stand to a virtual appearance!

In the following video we show a hypothetical example of how we can adopt an existing and implemented stand design and create a virtual presence from it. At EMO 2019 in Hanover, we presented this new stand concept for our customer Kennametal.

The advantages of adopting an existing stand design are: We create a familiar environment for your customers by using your established trade fair identity. The use of existing data saves time and thus costs, which enables efficient implementation.

Digital Presenter

In an interactive presentation module, the products can be precisely explained in terms of their function, USPs can be precisely represented and innovations can be appropriately staged.

As easy to use as a computer game, the tool supports a natural, individual course of conversation and thus promotes the sales process.

Your products are animated based on the CAD data and included in the digital presenter. Free rotation of the exhibits and the selection of detailed views that can be highlighted in color are some of the many options that are possible on this platform. These are adapted and further developed depending on the product.

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