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How an exhibition stand from Munich designed for sustainability protects the climate

Our planners in Munich find sustainability in exhibition stand construction to be of particular importance. That is why Heilmaier Messedesign is committed to climate-neutral exhibition stands in conjunction with the FAMAB Foundation. Benefit from our certified projects and make a statement about protecting the climate!

Environmental awareness has increased in all sectors of society. Expectations n terms of sustainability have also grown in the exhibition stand construction segment in Munich. Many companies place value on climate protection and work in a CO2-neutral manner. Heilmaier Messedesign is happy to be a part of this development, which is why we have been certified as a sustainable company. The concept in exhibition stand design includes keeping CO2 emissions as low as possible. While we are aware as a part of this that the emission of gases that damage the climate cannot yet be reduced to zero, it is also the reason why we offset our emissions by investing in the FAMAB Foundation’s reforestation programs. Promoting sustainability with an exhibition stand from Munich enhances your image and attracts positive attention. Showcase yourself with innovative products and a commitment to leaving a livable planet for future generations.

This is how you benefit from modern concepts for sustainability in exhibition stand construction with Heilmaier in Munich:
  • Climate-neutral exhibition stand with certificate
  • Communication on the exhibition stand and in advertising messages
  • Ideal opportunity for image advertising
  • Above-average presence in the media
  • Active contribution to active environmental protection

Sustainable companies rely on climate-neutral exhibition stands from Munich

Climate change is becoming more and more visible in the temperate region of the world in which we live. For this reason, sustainable companies also expect climate-friendly solutions from the company that builds their exhibition stand in Munich. Our climate-friendly projects live up this wish by identifying and eliminating as many emissions sources as possible even during the planning phase. In terms of sustainability, we determine the environmental balance of the exhibition stand design in Munich by creating a CO2 footprint. Our designers track down ways of reducing climate-damaging substances and adapt the project accordingly. For example, they employ high-quality innovative materials.  The emissions that cannot be saved are offset by investing in the FAMAB Foundation forest. The forest has been emerging since 2014 in Panama’s Mamoni Valley, a former rainforest region lost to illegal logging. With a exhibition stand build from Munich designed for sustainability, we put your exhibition goal into action according to your exact specifications. At the same time, we work hand in hand with you to protect the climate. Communicating this commitment as a sustainable company represents a positive additional action bought about by your exhibition project.

Positive attention through the sustainable development of exhibition stand designs

You will achieve a higher level of attention from exhibition visitors and the media through the sustainable development of the design of your stand. This image gain allows you to acquire new customers and enhance your brand. You will receive a certificate from the FAMAB Foundation through us in Munich to demonstrate The sustainability of your exhibition project, which proves the level of CO2 compensation you have achieved.  You can promote this certificate directly on your stand. Communicating your commitment to the environment increases the reputation and awareness of your company or brand. Our teams from Munich and Shanghai work hand in had with you to develop coherent stand planning in order to ensure that the element of sustainability is compatible with your exhibition success. In this way you achieve a high level of attention for your products while making a contribution to the climate.

Our services for your sustainability-based Heilmaier exhibition stand in Munich:
Conception and design of the exhibition stand taking into account the CO2 footprint
Climate-friendly implementation of the design in trade fair construction
Neutralization of the emissions that cannot be saved by investing in reforestation projects
Certificate as proof of compensation for the resulting CO2 pollution

How FAMAB promotes climate protection

FAMAB, the environmental foundation from our industry association, of which Heilmaier Messedesign Munich is a founding member, has existence since 2014. Its aim is to reforest the Mamoni Valley in Panama. The rainforest that once existed in this area has unfortunately been logged. Our commitment combines sustainability in the area of exhibition stand building in Munich with the essential reforestation of the logged areas. With our strong partner Forest Finance, the FAMAB Foundation is planting a new forest that contributes to global biodiversity as a biodiversity hotspot. Afforestation is taking place using trees native to Panama. The aim of the FAMAB Foundation’s involvement is a sustainable thinning out: the forest should serve to protect the climate and at the same time bring economic benefits through the production of wood and seeds. The proceeds are then invested in new forest projects. The sustainability-based exhibition stand design by Heilmaier from Munich also contributes to financing social projects and science.

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