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Weber Screwdriving Systems at the Motek 2021 in Stuttgart

Every Motek breaks new ground and offers the industry individual solutions for their market. Motek 2021 in Stuttgart marks the initial project for Heilmaier Messedesign to work with Weber Screwdriving Systems as theirexhibition designer and builder and we wanted Weber to stand out.

 |  Stuttgart  |  90 m2

Heilmaier took WEBER’s motto seriously: We set standards in screwdriving technology with automatic feed. So, working together, we set a new standard in trade show communication in their restart in the trade show world.
WEBER’s benchmark is the reliability of their brand, and our design should do justice to the company’s image. We decided then to set their branding at the center of the build design and work outwards from there with a coherent structure and architecture. 
We rounded out the open-concept product communication area with an inviting digital concept. We aimed this benchmark goal of transparent internal communication at both the specialist as well as those exhibition visitors with a more general interest in the concepts. The implementation of these ideas was only made possible with the cooperation of WEBER, and it was a great way to get to know our new client and their values: innovation, transparency, and precision.
We wish our customer Weber Screwsysterms GmbH a successful fair and lots of business.

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