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ProMo Loft Outdoor

 |  Outdoor  |  30 m²

The “big brother” of the Promo Box is called ProMo Loft. This spacious container, 13.0 m I 2.4 m I 2.85 m (ca. 46’x8’x9’) LxWxH, is transported on a flat-bed trailer. It offers considerably more space and comfort for visitors and the mobile team than our other options. Each ProMo Loft unit can be customized with as many doors and windows as you require built into the sides.

Six industrial strength mechanical jacks ensure both the smooth lowering and lifting of the entire construction, including the exhibits, at the event location.

ProMo Loft can be set up as a stand-alone unit at any location or serve as an outdoor extension of your exhibition stand. It can be used as a showroom, lounge, or as a training room. There is also storage space for advertising material, catering equipment, and a back office.

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