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ProMo Bridge Outdoor

 |  Outdoor  |  17 m2

Another option for mobile presentation is the intermediate stage called the ProMo Bridge. The idea is based on the standardized shipping container which has a fixed size of 7,0×2,4×2,85m (ca, 23’x8`x9’), LxWxH, larger than the ProMo Box bus smaller thanthe ProMo Loft. The ProMo Bridge units can be loaded onto standard trailers and be transported over the road, either one or two at a time.

Once delivered to the event location, the ProMo Bridge is not lowered to the ground. Instead it stands on the integrated support structure. That structure is then hidden with customized cladding. A branding-ready platform, with stairs and safety railings, is then added. The height gained by not lowering the construction results in improved long-distance visibility.

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