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 |  Düsseldorf   |    372 m²


PRODUCT meets BOOTH – there is no shorter way to describe SOMIC’s booth at Interpack 2023. Their innovative new products inspired us to design and implement an innovative exhibition space – from the logo to the lights.

After a six-year break, the Interpack once again brought to Düsseldorf the world-wide packaging industry and offered the perfect platform for SOMIC to present its latest technological innovations. SOMIC presents groundbreaking end-of-line packaging solutions.

For Heilmaier Messedesign, experts in our own way of “packaging spaces”, it was of central importance to create a seamless and uniform design.

Particularly inspired by the curves and radii in their logo’s lettering, Heilmaier Messedesign developed the design language of the double deck. The design not only had to be functional, but also had to convey a modern, innovative and exclusive impression.

The shape of the double-deck was based on SOMIC’s S line and presented quite the architectural challenge. However, with precise planning, manufacturing, and assembly, we were able to create a 70 m² large, floating ceiling canopy.

This canopy had to be positioned just perfectly because, in an exhibition hall, first you hang the ceiling and then you can build on the floor. However, the airiness and elegance that resulted from the design made every effort worthwhile.

SOMIC, headquartered in Amerang, Upper Bavaria, has long been known for its outstanding end-of-line packaging solutions. The company set new industry standards with the unveiling of their revolutionary SOMIC 434 end-of-line packaging machine and the CORAS product collection and grouping system. The machines impress not only with their remarkable product flexibility and speed, but also with their aesthetics.

The task in developing the booth concept was to ensure visual harmony between the machines, the SOMIC’s corporate identity (CI) and the booth structure.

The design process at Heilmaier Messedesign had to start with understanding SOMIC’s requirements and how the company wanted to present itself at Interpack 2023.

In the end, Heilmaier Messedesign opted to highlight the topic of high-tech digitalization through a super-sized LED wall, enhanced with red lighting accents. Inspiration came from different sources, such as product design and nature, but the goal was to create a “wow effect” by combining all the disparate details and elements into a unified vision, and to make clear that SOMIC brand is synonymous with progress.

We deliberately restrained the color scheme of the booth. White, gray and anthracite for the walls and floors formed the basis, while red accents, for the lines of the double-deck, the furniture and a lighted floor edging, stood out.


SOMIC’s machines use a very specific tinting and we used that same tinting on both the glass walls and glass balustrade in order to create a visual coherence throughout the space.

100 LED-Tubes

The LED lighting on the corner columns of SOMIC’s new machine generation enables visitors to know the operating status of that machine from a distance. Combined with the tinted glass panels, an almost mystical, lighter-than-air lighting atmosphere was created.This unique visual effect was also used in the introduction to their product videos which ran on the LED wall. A further variation of this lighting concept could be found n the 100 LED tubes installed above the machines. Depending on the status of the the machines below, various wave and droplet illusions were created by synchronizing the LEDs. A dark semi-transparent gauze banner framed the booth space and added to the effect.

In a follow-up discussion with Ms. Rumberger, SOMIC’s marketing manager, she highlighted one very particular and often over-looked aspect of stand design: “We all felt very comfortable being on the stand.”

This comment highlights the crucial role of stand design, for both stand staff and visitors, in ensuring an enjoyable and successful trade show experience.

Heilmaier Messedesign is convinced that the success of SOMIC’s exhibition was not coincidence. With their own expertise in “packaging spaces” and their sophisticated design process, they brought SOMIC’s visions to life and created an exceptional exhibition stand that perfectly represents the brand’s technological innovation and aesthetic quality.

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