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Ledeshi – a premiere at light+building 

 |  Frankfurt

We had the wonderful opportunity to design and realise the exhibition stand for the renowned brand LEDESHI at this year’s light+building 2024 in Frankfurt.

Light+building, one of the world’s largest trade fairs for lighting and building technology, offers an ideal platform for innovative companies to present their latest products and technologies. And for LEDESHI, this time we attracted attention and elicited enthusiastic reactions from visitors and industry experts alike.

LEDESHI’s exhibition stand was a masterful fusion of aesthetics, functionality and technological innovation. The design concept was carefully developed to put LEDESHI’s products centre stage while creating a welcoming environment for trade show visitors.

“First of all, we would like to thank Heilmaier GmbH Messedesign company for helping LEDESHI to build a nearly perfect station, and the communication during the whole building process was very successful! Many customers also praised our booth for its great effect, which further enhanced the whole image of LEDESHI as well as left a deeper impression on the customers.

We are quite satisfied with the effect and customer flow of the whole exhibition, and we have gained a lot from years of deep cultivation in the field of indoor lighting.
We will continue to participate in future light+building exhibitions to expand LEDESHIs brand and business in Europe.“

Mark Tong,  @ LEDESHI

We are proud to have worked with LEDESHI on this ground-breaking project together with our Shanghai office and look forward to more successful partnerships in the future.

“It was a great experience to work with the team from LEDESHI and design their stand for light+building 2024,” said Ulrich Zeller, Head of Project at Heilmaier Messedesign. “Our goal was to create a unique experience that reflects LEDESHI’s innovation and commitment to high-quality lighting solutions. We are proud of the result and the positive response we have received.”

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