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Digital Exhibition Stand

  • Digital Exhibition Stand

    An alternative to the physical exhibition stand – your digital presence.

    Over the years, your company has come to rely on trade shows, exhibitions, and congresses as fixed stars in your advertising constellation.  You have relied on them to present your products, your services, and your people.

    We are only now entering into a phase when live shows are again possible, but even those are more limited than before.  It is still a good time to think about creating an on-line event or at least adding a virtual element to a live event.  This allows you to maximize the number of people you can reach, whether we are talking about existing or new customers.

An example of the transformation from physical to virtual!

An example of the transformation from physical to virtual!

In the following video we show a hypothetical example of how we could take an existing and implemented stand design and create a virtual exhibit from it. At EMO 2019 in Hanover, we presented this completely new stand design for our customer Kennametal. Photos from EMO 2019

The two main advantages of adopting an existing stand design are: First, we create a familiar environment for your customers by using your established trade show identity. Second, the use of the existing design saves both time and money, and allows for a quicker turn-around.

Digital Product Presentation

The digital product presentation was integrated on the exhibition stand. An interactive media wall, activated by gesture control, enhanced the talks being given on-site while simultaneously demonstrating the power and speed of the exhibitor’s software. The content for this digital product presentation was completely virtual and made cross-platform access very easy. This ditial presentation is also easily adaptable to mobile devices.

Utilize digital product presentation options in your virtual event and integrate them into your digital exhibition stand.

Virtual Product Platform
  • The presenter can be integrated into any live, physical exhibition stand, at work stations or as a large-format presentation
  • Generate more visitor traffic
  • Support your employees at the stand
  • It can also be made available to sales staff on mobile devices or on laptops
  • It is a powerful tool for quick, convenient access to all products and innovations

Digital Presenter

In an interactive presentation module, your products’ functions can be precisely explained, USPs can be emphasized, and innovations can be appropriately highlighted. As easy to use as a computer game, this tool encourages a natural, individual conversation and thereby facilitates the sales process.

CAD data and files supply both the animation and the detail in this digital presenter.  Depending on your needs and wants, free rotation, exploded views, and color coded information keys are just some of the possibilities that can be implemented.  Each presenter will be tailored to suit the demands of the individual product.

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