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Cultural Oasis A&T 5-10

 |  Munich

Heilmaier Messedesign once again set a standard in the world of exhibition design and proudly presents the successful completion of this unique project at the European Patent Office:

The new cultural oasis “A&T 5-10″.

In collaboration with LiveTec GmbH from Munich and the creative input of Ars Electronica from Linz Austria, a visionary exhibition was created that gives numerous artists the opportunity to exhibit their works in an extraordinary atmosphere.

Our expertise was required to transform the formerly mobile archive shelves into works of art, furniture, fixtures for artistic installations. These impressive transformations were designed by mixed-media artists to create a unique connection between technology and art. The implementation was executed in close collaboration with the architect Ms. Obertanner from the European Patent Office, who was the on-site construction manager.

This innovative design idea was perfectly complemented by the work of LiveTec GmbH, who not only took care of the printing and graphics, but also the integration of illuminated elements and light boxes.

The result is an immersive exhibition that transports unexpecting visitors into the fascinating world of art in an unusual space.

Heilmaier Messedesign’s main tasks were the technical planning and the subsequent construction, as well as the final installation of these extraordinary exhibits.

We are proud to have made a significant contribution to this groundbreaking exhibition and would like to thank everyone involved for making this project a success. The collaboration with LiveTec GmbH, Ars Electronica, the European Patent Office and Ms. Obertanner’s site management was inspiring and led to an impressive result.

You can find more information about the new culture oasis at the European Patent Office in Munich here.

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